Benefit of LCC Blocks

With the introduction of low carbon concrete (LCC) blocks, concrete block house construction can now be even greener

It has been well established that a concrete block house will use less energy and release less CO2 over its life compared to lighter forms of construction such as timber frame. This calculation includes the energy used and CO2 released during the house construction. This is because the thermal mass of the block work assists with regulating the temperature - storing heat in the winter and absorbing heat in the summer. If you have any doubt about the truth behind this, than just think of the effect of walking into old churches or buildings on a warm day on the continent and the heat that is radiated back at night when you are walking the city streets.

Research carried out by Arups (UK Housing and Climate Change - Arup Research and Development, 2005) reveals the likely failure of conventional and particularly lightweight forms of construction to meet with the demands of increasing temperatures in the UK. Arups demonstrate that thermal mass reduces the need for air conditioning whilst also reducing the consumption of winter heating fuel.

Now enter low carbon concrete blocks. LCC blocks have a much reduced embodied CO2* footprint over that of an ordinary block. On a typical family house using LCC blocks could save up to 10 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of leaving your car at home for over 2 years. These blocks are made by using Ecocem green cement which means as well as been greener they are at least as strong, are much less prone to efflorescence (white staining that can occur on the surface) and are lighter in colour.

There are a number of LCC block suppliers around the country with the number growing all the time. These are Ducon in Cork, Gleeson in Tipperary, Dan Morrissey in Carlow, Hanlon in Kildare, Loughnane in Offaly, Esker in Galway, Cannon in Galway, McGrath in Cong, CMC in Galway, Harrington in Galway, Sligo and Mayo, and Kilsaran in Dublin. Their details can be found on our Suppliers map.

So next time you are considering a project and want an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution, think Low Carbon Concrete Blocks.

*Embodied CO2 is the quantity of CO2 emitted in the manufacture, supply and construction of a building or structure. In this case it is the quantity of CO2 release in the manufacture and placement of the blocks.